Latest Releases and Upcoming Developments at Autologica 

As part of our journey towards being the most innovative DMS for vehicle dealers, during 2023 we launched many features that added value to each role within the dealership, optimized processes, saved time, and generated new sales opportunities.


Autologica Roadmap

Towards the end of 2023, we presented the Autologica Sky DMS development roadmap so that our customers can have an overview of all the features and applications that will become available throughout 2024 and 2025. 

New Features in Autologica BI and The Presentation of Autologica Analytics 

View Dashboards From Your Smartphone  

Changes and improvements have been made to the data analysis tool to allow for viewing on any smartphone. This enables principals and managers to access business information anytime, anywhere.  

Send Reports Automatically  

You can now schedule reports to be sent by email at configurable frequencies. You can send a complete report or select different pages and filters. 

Autologica BI: Sales Actions  

One of the strongest features of Autologica BI is the detection of untapped sales potential within the dealership’s customer database.  

Autologica Analytics, the Future of Data in the Dealership 

Autologica Analytics will be one of the most significant milestones.  

With the aim of facilitating strategic decision-making for principals and managers, we have added a fully integrated layer of analytics to the DMS, that is easily accessible. This will allow you to view key business indicators from anywhere in the world without having to be a data expert.

Our journey towards a 100% web-based DMS continues. As always, your questions and comments are welcome.

360-Degree View of Customers and Suppliers 

The 360 Degree view of customers and suppliers is available for all dealerships using the cloud version of Autologica Sky DMS. 

Through this platform, you can search for customers and suppliers, view contact information, make modifications, create new entries, change credit limits, and perform other actions. 


  • Intuitive. 
  • Lets you view all customer and supplier information without navigating between modules. 
  • Faster creation and editing of customers and suppliers. 
  • The entire DMS will be as intuitive and modern as the new features that will be progressively released. 

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Multi-Currency Features  

Autologica Sky DMS is now a multi-currency DMS that allows the dealership to invoice, handle accounting and accounts receivables in two currencies, as well as manage cash and banks in multiple currencies.  

All of this is done in real-time; there’s no need to run cumbersome end-of-month processes to generate accounting and reports. 

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Reports in Multiple Currencies 

Autologica Sky DMS is now a multi-currency DMS that allows you to view reports in real time with the details of the corresponding currency.  

Cash, Bank and Current Account reports have been modified:  

  • Detailed income and expenses: grouped and totaled by currency.  
  • Securities portfolio at a date: the “CUIT Signatory” column was added and third-party checks are displayed according to currency.  
  • Credit card to a date: grouped and totaled by currency.  
  • Customer account summary: shows a detail of collections in foreign currency.  
  • Due dates calendar: the “Owed exchange difference” column was added. 

Charging With Multiple Accounts, and Exchange Rate Differences 

With the DMS’s multiple account charging feature, you can charge a customer to various types of accounts, receive payments (cash, checks, transfers, etc.) and automatically generate the corresponding receipts. 

Additionally, you can charge with exchange rate differences. In other words, without the need for manual calculations, the DMS generates real-time credit or debit notes for currency exchange at the time of collection. 

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Improvements to Financial Plans Features  

Autologica Sky DMS allows for the registration of customer purchases financed in installments. Once configured, the system automatically performs calculations, saving the dealership many hours. Among its main features are:  

  • Generation of the finance plan with direct interest, French amortization system, among others.  
  • Possibility to define “expense concepts” to incorporate into the installment schedule.  
  • Automatic re-imputation of financed amounts.  
  • Automatic calculation of late fees and generation of invoices detailing each concept.  

Improvements have been made to the collection process when the option is chosen to calculate interest from the delivery date of the vehicle in the first installment.  

French Amortization System for Financial Plans 

  • New French amortization system.  
  • Add expenses that do not generate interest to the installment schedule.  
  • Automatically reapply financed amounts.  
  • If overdue installments are detected during collection, calculate interest, and generate the customer invoice. 

Toyota Integration: Update Savings Plans 

The integration of Autologica Sky DMS with Toyota allows for quickly updating all third-party savings plans sold, regardless of the branch to which they belong. 

Contracts and Other Documents With Configurable Fields  

Autologica Sky DMS lets you print documents related to vehicle sales (contracts, processing letters, delivery letters), displaying configurable data.  

A template document can be created using special fields that, when the process is executed for printing, takes the values from each sales transaction and generates the document.  

Custom Accounting Entry Numbering  

You can now define numbering for accounting entries that allows the creation of different series, and correlating by dealership or store, by year or by month.  

Previously, entries were numbered consecutively throughout each fiscal year and could only be renumbered in certain reports (such as the Daily Ledger). 

Detail of Withholding Calculations  

The report obtained from the “Detail of the calculation” button on the withholding screen when generating a payment from the “Pay to Suppliers” button was modified to detail the tax bracket by goods or services when applicable. 


General Motors 

The new integrations for GM dealerships automate and simplify interactions with the OEM, enabling the exchange of key information with just a few clicks, saving time, and avoiding errors. 

Available GM Integrations:  

  • Parts Inventory  
  • Vehicle Inventory  
  • Parts Sales  
  • Vehicle Sales  
  • Repair Orders  


  • Autopart | We have developed an integration with the VW Autopart application for factory purchase scheduling. This integration is used to send daily and historical parts activity information, which will then be used by the OEM to generate purchase suggestions or for direct purchases desired by the dealership.  
  • Parts delivery notes | We have also developed a new VW integration for parts delivery notes, which automates the entry of these notes into the DMS, eliminating manual entry and avoiding errors.  


  • PRIM | The PRIM integration was launched for CNH dealerships, allowing for the automatic exchange of parts information. The aim of these integrations is to improve overall inventory management in the dealership. 

John Deere 

  • Invoice, debit note, and credit note integration | This integration imports invoices, debit notes, and credit notes for John Deere factory concepts. This speeds up the entry of all concept-related documents into the DMS, ensuring correct accounting allocation.  
  • Seedz | This is a new integration between Autologica Sky DMS and John Deere’s dealership sales incentive program, Seedz. It provides sales data from the dealership to John Deere so that they can generate incentives for the dealers based on that information. 


  • RIM | The RIM integration provides parts order suggestions for stock orders placed with the OEM. Based on parts sales and available stock, the purchase suggestion is generated to maintain effective stock and meet customer needs. The integration has been modified to import factory parts orders, considering the correct SAP identifier sent in the orders from RIM. This means that if there is already a document with the same identifier in the DMS that is not an order, the order from the integration will be inserted, as it is now validated by the type of order in addition to the numbering.  


  • F116 | Changes have been made to the F116 integration, which checks the status of each vehicle requested from the OEM. It now includes vehicles requested through savings plans, those requested through traditional sales, and additional vehicles.  
  • Agenda | In the integration with Ford Scheduler, which enables integration between Autologica Sky DMS and Ford’s workshop appointment system, the process of creating and modifying certificates has been simplified.