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Why Dealerships Use a DMS and not Generic Software

Unlike generic ERPs, a DMS is specifically designed for the dealership’s business, meaning it understands the daily tasks and operational processes of each role.

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Why Dealerships Use a DMS and not Generic Software

In numerous discussions with dealerships seeking management software, this question often arises, and while valid, it has a straightforward answer: dealerships utilize a DMS (Dealer Management System) because it’s tailored to empower them beyond the mere management or daily operations.


Measure the health of the dealership on one screen 

There was a time when understanding and predicting the health of a company was an impossible task, even though the data was always there. Today it is possible to see that data in one place, organized, complete and up to date, all one click away.


A DMS that solves the operational and the strategic

When analyzing a dealership management system, companies tend to focus on business processes and daily operations: purchases, sales, inventory control, payments, collections, etc. That’s fine, but it overshadows a facet that may be even more important than the operational: the strategic.