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Electronic Invoicing With Autologica Sky DMS 

In an increasingly digitized business world, electronic invoicing is becoming a fundamental pillar of fiscal modernization driven by governments. In this context, Autologica stands out for offering solutions tailored to local fiscal requirements, ensuring compliance with regulations from day one.

Autologica Sky DMS includes specific features for electronic invoicing, ensuring that dealers can meet legal requirements without complications. 

Autologica Sky DMS currently resolves electronic invoicing for vehicle dealers in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and shortly for Dominican Republic as well. We are also planning to add this feature for other countries where it will soon become mandatory. 

In Argentina, every invoice generated through Autologica Sky DMS automatically receives an Electronic Authorization Code (CAE) validated by the local tax authority through direct communication. In Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia, we collaborate with intermediary companies, responsible for requesting authorization from the corresponding tax authority. 

In Uruguay we work with Sicfe, while in Paraguay and Bolivia we collaborate with GuruSoft, an expert in this matter. Through these integrations, our dealership customer can obtain fiscal authorization for invoices directly from Autologica Sky DMS. 

Next up is Dominican Republic where we will soon be offering electronic invoicing services, also in partnership with GuruSoft. At the same time, we are also already planning to incorporate this feature in countries that will soon be implementing this regulation. 

Are you ready to take your dealership’s business management to the next level with Autologica Sky DMS?