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What’s New in Autologica | November 2023 

The latest update to Autologica Sky DMS includes the following improvements and new features.


Contracts and other documents with configurable fields 

Autologica Sky DMS lets you print documents related to vehicle sales (contracts, processing letters, delivery letters), displaying configurable data. A template document can be created using special fields that, when the process is executed for printing, takes the values from each sales transaction and generates the document

Custom accounting entry numbering 

You can now define numbering for accounting entries that allows the creation of different series, and correlating by dealership or store, by year or by month. Previously, entries were numbered consecutively throughout each fiscal year and could only be renumbered in certain reports (such as the Daily Ledger).  

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Improvements to Appoint365 

Improvements were made to substantially increase performance. In addition, the tool was adapted to accommodate countries where the license plate belongs to the vehicle and countries where the license plate belongs to the driver. 

Detail of withholding calculations 

The report obtained from the “Detail of the calculation” button on the withholding screen when generating a payment from the “Pay to Suppliers” button was modified to detail the tax bracket by goods or services when applicable.