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What’s New in Autologica | March 2024 

The latest update to Autologica Sky DMS includes the following improvements and new features.


Maintain Discounts and Surcharges When Converting Vouchers

This feature was requested by many Autologica users. When converting a quote into an invoice, for example, the original surcharges and discounts can be maintained, but updating the price of each part from the parts price list.

This feature applies to vouchers that go through the “Satisfy”, “Deliver” and “Invoice” states within Autologica Sky DMS.

Electronic Billing for More Countries

Autologica Sky DMS is constantly updated to adapt to the tax requirements of different countries where our dealership customers operate. We recently added Electronic Invoicing functionality for Paraguay. Similar developments have been carried out for Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, and other countries; Dominican Republic will soon be launched.

A New Layer of Security and Confidentiality When Exporting Reports

It is now possible to define in which directories reports exported by each user are saved. This helps guarantee that users not see content from other departments, and also speeds up access to reports.

Expansion of Toyota CIM Interfaces

Toyota dealers need to report repair orders, service appointments, vehicle invoices, and sales requests, as well as changes to this information, to Toyota. FIR information can now be submitted through the Toyota CIM interface.