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What’s New in Autologica | December 2023 

The latest update to Autologica Sky DMS includes the following improvements and new features.



Our development plan for the coming months is now available. This roadmap outlines upcoming developments and improvements that will be integrated into Autologica Sky DMS. 

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Improvements to Financial Plans features 

Autologica Sky DMS allows for the registration of customer purchases financed in installments. Once configured, the system automatically performs calculations, saving the dealership many hours. Among its main features are: 

  • Generation of the finance plan with direct interest, French amortization system, among others. 
  • Possibility to define “expense concepts” to incorporate into the installment schedule. 
  • Automatic re-imputation of financed amounts. 
  • Automatic calculation of late fees and generation of invoices detailing each concept. 

Improvements have been made to the collection process when the option is chosen to calculate interest from the delivery date of the vehicle in the first installment. 

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Improvements to Appoint365 and DealerTablet 

New filters have been added to the vehicle search in Appoint365 and DealerTablet: by model, license plate, and year. 

This is useful in dealerships that link the license plate to the customer rather than the vehicle. If the unit still has the same model + VIN, or model + license plate, the existing vehicle is considered, and a new instance is not inserted. However, if the appointment is assigned to the same license plate but with a different model, the appointment is entered for a new vehicle. 

Price assignment in invoices and other vouchers 

With the aim of preventing items from being sold below their list price, adjustments have been made to the available records in the DMS to assign the price of items by taking them from another invoice/voucher (whether it is auto-generating an invoice from another, satisfying/copying from one invoice to another, or assigning invoice/vouchers).