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Use Tags to Sell More

Tags are perhaps one of the key features of a CRM because they give you the possibility of grouping potential customers in infinite ways, and then creating effective marketing campaigns to those groups.

In a classic CRM, sales call information is standard: name, location, documents, dates, etc. This is no longer enough because you need to point to people’s tastes, habits, routines and milestones for selling and generating interest. It is impossible for a CRM to provide you with enough fields to save this information, but “tags” solve this need.

How do tags work?

You can add tags in the sales call form. These tags are simply relevant words that represent a potential customer grouping. You will then be able to create customer groups based on these tags for your campaigns.

We will now look at some best practices for using tags.

Step 1: Plan your tags

Tags offer unlimited possibilities. Therefore, you need to think through the information that you want to add to each lead. For example, dealers may want to store the following extra information:

  • Personal tastes and hobbies
  • Favorite brands
  • Use given to the vehicle
  • How many family members

This is key information to offer customized products instead of offering the entire range.

Step 2: Define standards and processes

You have to define with your sales team what should be entered as a tag and how, in order to create a simple standard and avoid duplication and confusion.

Tags with standard
Tags without standard
Favorite brand Buster Buster

Brand buster

Buster brand



Traveling salesperson Salesperson



Family members Family members (4) Family 4

Family of 4

Large family

Step 3: Create campaigns

The advantage of tags is that they let you create marketing campaigns focused on specific attributes of your leads, which are usually not taken into account. For example, continuing with the previous case, you can create a campaign to offer the new family model from the Buster brand to all leads that have the “Buster” and “Family members (4)” tags.

Equipment dealers can offer models based on geographic location, types of crops, farm size, etc.

All the information that you cannot enter in the fields provided by the CRM can be added into the system through tags.


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