Top Features of Tracker CRM | Geolocation

Every dealer knows that a CRM is vital to increase sales, organize and monitor the sales team, and ensure that sales processes are followed. A CRM designed for dealerships offers special features that make it even more powerful.

For years it has been a trend to focus commercial strategies on geolocation. This feature of modern CRMs allows you to build routes to take maximize each salesperson’s time. In a few clicks a supervisor can can efficiently organize customer groups by zones and detect who is the right salesperson for each route.

With this information, the sales supervisor only has to group the leads and opportunities by geographical area and assign them to the salesperson who will contact or visit them to offer units based on the data collected in the CRM. Sales staff will be more efficient and can maximize the number of visits per trip.

The geolocation customer data in your CRM database can be combined in many ways to create successful campaigns. For example, if we hold an event at a certain location, this data can let us see all nearby customers and sales opportunities so we can invite them.