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What’s New in Autologica | March 2024 

The latest update to Autologica Sky DMS includes the following improvements and new features.


A DMS that solves the operational and the strategic

When analyzing a dealership management system, companies tend to focus on business processes and daily operations: purchases, sales, inventory control, payments, collections, etc. That’s fine, but it overshadows a facet that may be even more important than the operational: the strategic.

Customer Stories

4 hours saved every day in the workshop with Autologica Sky DMS

With more than 40 years in the automotive industry, and more than 30 years as an official Toyota dealer, Autosiglo S.A. has become a leading dealership in the region, with a strong focus on customers and on the pillars of the Kaizen philosophy.

Analytics Strategies

Autologica Analytics and the Importance of Investing More Time in Decision-Making 

Autologica Analytics is the next step Autologica is taking on the path towards a DMS (dealer management system) that facilitates, optimizes, and empowers dealership managers.