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Multiple Parts Inventory Locations, and Creating Optimal Routes

Large dealers make massive purchases of parts that due to space constraints are sometimes stored at different locations. When a customer places an order at the parts counter, the parts staff can face this type of situation:

The customer requests 80 units of a part.

There are 30 near the counter, another 30 near the service counter, and 100 at Warehouse Z. This results in two possible scenarios:

  • A) Take 30 from the counter and 30 from services, and complete with 20 from Warehouse Z. Two locations will now be at zero.
  • B) Take 80 from Warehouse Z; this means a longer route, but all locations remain supplied.

How to decide?

Autologica DMS can help by offering suggestions. This is achieved by working with the “multiple inventory locations” feature that allows you to define priorities for warehouse picking, avoiding unproductive and repetitive travel, and saving time.

An optimized route allows the person in charge of preparing orders to collect the parts for all of the day’s orders, in just one route.