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KPI Library | Parts Sales – Workshop and Counter

This KPI helps you analyze parts sales differentiated between internal sales to our workshop and counter sales to customers. With this information you can determine which sector drives the highest sales and profitability.

We’ll analyze a real-world scenario. The Parts Analyst looks at this KPI and sees that 82% of parts sales are at the counter; i.e. 8 out of 10 parts are sold directly to customers while the rest are used by the Service Department for workshop repairs.

Drilling down to see this information in detail can kickstart a series of insightful :

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  • What kinds of parts and accessories are sold over the counter? Are they parts that the customer can install on their own or are they taking them to another workshop?
  • What type of customer is buying parts? Car owners, third party workshops, resellers?
  • Who are the customers that make large purchases? This will allow you to categorize them and work with them in a particular way in order to increase that sales volume.

The important thing about all KPIs is that each piece of data can reveal underlying behaviors and trends. The Parts Analyst can now start asking questions about issues that might have gone unnoticed.