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How to Multiply Sales Opportunities

The evolution of CRM software has shown that its strongest advantage is the possibility of leveraging dealership data strategically in order to multiply sales opportunities. In this article, we’ll see how to achieve this.

Create strategic campaigns

The habits, desires, tastes, and needs of each customer constantly change. Your CRM needs to be able to create campaigns based on different variables. For example:

Campaigns by vehicle model and customer activity

It’s not necessary to wait for the customer to enter the showroom or call the dealership; with your CRM, sales opportunities can be generated using the data stored for each lead. For example, a campaign can be created to offer a specific model to all leads whose main activity is “traveling.” In addition, you can use a location filter to refine the target market.


The most important integration is between your CRM and your dealer management system. The fundamental reason is that you can take advantage of all the data in your DMS to create segmented, effective campaigns. Data such as the date of purchase of a prior vehicle, date of the last service, mileage, vehicles owned by each customer, will allow you to create more effective sales campaigns.

Do you have a website? If so, your contact form should automatically generate leads in your CRM. And the same should happen if you use social networks; each contact should create a lead in your CRM.

Seasonal campaigns

Some examples of seasonal campaigns:

  • Before summer vacation, knowing that many families will travel, you can offer services to control and recharge air-conditoning, or to rotate or change tires.
  • Ag equipment dealers can launch campaigns before harvest season begins, both to sell new equipment and to offer maintenance services on existing machinery

Measure to improve

No campaign makes sense if you can’t measure its success. Some basic things to measure for each salesperson are:

  • Number of opportunities generated
  • Number of opportunities that move to the negotiation stage
  • Number of leads lost after the first contact

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