How Autologica Quick Alerts Help Dealers Save Hundreds of Hours 

When a dealership grows there comes a need for greater control and efficiency, ideally without investing additional time. Quick Alerts are part of Autologica's solution set aimed at achieving this goal.

Quick Alerts consists of customizable events that trigger actions whenever they are detected. For example, if a repair order remains open for more days than desired, it sends a notification to the workshop manager. 

This eliminates the need for manual tracking of hundreds of variables and situations, and replaces it with automated controls. 

“We use Quick Alerts to automate communications with customers: invoices, debit notes, and credit notes. Previously, we sent all this documentation manually, but now we can do it massively and automatically; we send out over 200 invoices per day, which translates to a saving of 16 hours per month across all branches and departments. In addition to immense time savings, we are reducing paper and printer costs.” 

Mariela Ponce, Collections officer at Conci, an official John Deere dealership.

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More Than 60 Time-Saving Alerts 

Implementing Quick Alerts enables a series of benefits, including: 

  • Automated sending of invoices, due date reminders, and orders to customers. 
  • Auditing of open repair orders in the workshop. 
  • Alerts when a part’s inventory is below the reorder point, or out of stock. 
  • Alerts on stock adjustments. 
  • Sales manager can receive summaries of each salesperson’s performance. 
  • Reminders if there are unresolved cases of customer dissatisfaction in the CRM. 
  • Allows defining the frequency to know the ABC of balances and overdue amounts of customers and suppliers. 
  • Sends overdue purchase receipts. 
  • Sends key reports to managers and principals. 

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