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Autologica Analytics and the Importance of Investing More Time in Decision-Making 

Autologica Analytics is the next step Autologica is taking on the path towards a DMS (dealer management system) that facilitates, optimizes, and empowers dealership managers.

This new layer of data, which will be organically and naturally integrated into the DMS, facilitates agile decision-making for dealership managers. 

Octavio Santisteban is one of the analysts working on the design of Autologica Analytics. He is responsible for analyzing the needs of dealership managers and principals, and for choosing the right KPIs for each department’s dashboard. 

One of the pillars of the Autologica Analytics was the dealership manager’s need for clear and complete information in order to make decisions. In an increasingly competitive industry, with the entry of new players and substantial market changes, having immediate conclusions for every action taken can help managers make corrections, enhancements, and solve problems. 

“The strength of Autologica Analytics lies in the variety of indicators it offers (financial, sales, sales opportunities, etc.), easy access to that information (from right inside the DMS), and the ease of interpreting those KPIs in order to facilitate decision-making.”

Octavio Santisteban, Analyst for Autologica Analytics. 

Autologica Analytics Integration – A Long-Awaited Solution 

Autologica Analytics is fully integrated with Autologica Sky DMS, ensuring that all data is reliable. This aspect reassures decision-makers, as they don’t need to double-check information before making a decision. 

“Our new data warehouse is extremely complete and is powered by Autologica Sky DMS. It allows us to resolve future needs for new indicators in a more agile way. A principal or manager will log in to Analytics and find that new KPIs they needed have been added to their dashboards.”

Octavio Santisteban, Analyst for  Autologica Analytics. 

A Tool for Strategic Decision-Making 

Unlike generic tools, Autologica Analytics was designed to provide principals and managers with specific information that aids their decision-making. With this approach, the need to cross-reference spreadsheets, request information from other departments, or wait for end-of-month reports has been eliminated. 

The tedious task of searching for and compiling information to draw conclusions is now reduced to two clicks: one to access the Autologica platform and another to choose which dashboard to view. 

“We understand that Autologica Analytics will be crucial for every principal and manager within the dealership because it was designed to contribute to daily and monthly management, offer key and immediately readable information, and eliminate steps between analysis and decision-making.” 

Octavio Santisteban, Analyst at Autologica Analytics.

Octavio Santisteban
Senior Consultant at Autologica

Octavio counts with more than 18 years of experience working with vehicle, and agricultural, industrial and construction machinery dealers. He is constantly training and offering presentations to dealers who work with Autologica DMS, addressing key issues of each department of the dealership.
Octavio, as one of Autologica’s leader consultants and experts on the system, took on projects with dealers from countries such as South Africa, Belize, Saint Lucia, U.A.E., Colombia, Paraguay, Cayman Islands, and Nigeria.