Are You Managing Workshop Appointments via WhatsApp? Discover a More Efficient Option 

In today's digital age, WhatsApp has become the star communication tool. From personal conversations to customer support, its use has extended to almost every aspect of daily life.

However, when it comes to managing appointments for a dealership’s workshop, using WhatsApp can be cumbersome and inefficient. 

Customers prefer to use their mobile phones for these tasks and most often contact the dealership via WhatsApp. They don’t want to waste time on calls or messages, and dealerships need to save time and avoid individual chats that can lead to overlapping appointments or wasted time double-checking the schedule. 

This is where Autologica’s online appointments scheduling tool comes in. This more efficient and specialized alternative for appoint management can complement the use of WhatsApp, simplifying and optimizing the appointment process. 

How does this feature change the dealership’s routine? 

In just a few steps, customers can see the workshop’s schedule on the dealership website in real-time and book the most convenient date. Additionally, they can indicate what services they want to perform, add comments, and, if the dealership has configured it, see the price of each service. 

To minimize no-shows, customers receive reminders via email and SMS; dealers can even include promotions and special offers. And, if necessary, the customer can modify or cancel their appointment without any intervention from the dealership. 

The online appointment schedule is a feature included in Autologica Sky DMS. Would you like to explore other top features you could implement in your dealership?

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On the dealership side, this feature provides the Service Manager with an instant view of the workshop’s occupancy to reduce idle hours and maximize department revenue. Additionally, they can prepare parts in advance for each repair based on the type of service requested by each customer. 

Essentially, with this feature, the dealership can forget about having multiple conversations open simultaneously, ensuring customer satisfaction and a better customer experience. 


  • Reduction of no-shows and increase in sales: by increasing the workshop’s occupancy rate. 
  • Cost reduction: by automatically scheduling appointments, valuable employee hours are freed up for truly important tasks. 
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty: by improving their experience, customers will want to return. 
  • Time-savings: by preparing parts for each service. 
  • Faster vehicle delivery: customers receive automatic “vehicle ready” notices on their mobile device. 
  • Centralize workshop management: Manage the appointment schedule of your multiple workshops on one screen. 

How Dealers Are Using Autologica’s Appointment Scheduler 

See how our appointment scheduling tool has transformed workshop management in dealerships, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.