Analyze Your Workshop’s Sales Potential

Each sale of a vehicle shouldn’t be the end of a process, but rather another stage in a longer process. This new vehicle will need services, parts, and accessories, and its owner will turn to the dealer that first addresses this aftersales potential.

How Can We Make Sure Customers to Turn to Our Dealership?

Many manufacturers estimate the aftersales potential of each model a dealer sells. In some cases, the dealer doesn’t receive this information, and in other cases the dealer knows it but doesn’t have the tools to work towards and meet that goal.

However, this information is crucial to doing more business with existing customers.

Autologica DMS provides a report that allows dealers to do the following:

1) Know their parts and service sales potential based on the units sold

2) Analyze the sales potential of a customer that visits the workshop with a vehicle bought at another dealership

3) Calculate the sales potential of vehicles owned by customers and recorded in the CRM

Knowing their customers’ sales potential and purchase habits, dealers can learn:

  • What customers have reached their total parts and service potential. These customers are loyal and dealers should work towards keeping them.
  • What customers haven’t reached their potential yet. Dealers can contact them to offer services according to their service history.
  • What customers haven’t achieved any of their potential. It could be possible that customers are taking their vehicles to another service shop, so dealers should try to get them back.
  • What services customers may need, in order to call them before their unit is damaged.
  • By knowing all vehicles owned by our customers, dealers can contact them to offer maintenance services for those units bought at other dealerships.

This information allows dealers to increase sales, and better organize the workshop and the workforce, based on specific data and not on intuition and luck.