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An All-Terrain DMS

What would happen if a regular vehicle wanted to participate in the Dakar Rally? Simple: it would quickly get stuck along the way because it is not designed for that type of terrain.

Something similar happens if you want to address new business challenges without the right system. At first the engine will make a strange noise, and soon you will notice that the advance is slow or even nil.

To face new paths and add new layers in a business is key to have a system that is modular, scalable, robust and personalized. If not, the dealership will find himself on a swampy road that will eventually require him to return on the road to take an alternative route.

This article presents the points that you should take into account when choosing the system that will best accompany you in your growth, without emergency stops or visits to boxes.


The habits of the clients and the demands of the market rewrite everyday the scenario in which dealerships works.The modularity of a system guarantees that when a new external need appears you’ll be able to integrate a new function to satisfy it.

For example, the current market requires a very fine analysis of all the data generated from the business. A system that is not integrated with a Business Intelligence tool will become a hand brake for the dealership.

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A new employee, a sales record, a new branch, a new dealership … any of these events, in a lower or higher grade, will demand that the DMS increase its capacity without losing the performance. Modern systems are ready to grow together with the dealer.


Not all dealers work in the same way and do not expect to change their work processes to adapt to the system … the tool must adapt to them. A modern DMS must anticipate the different ways in which a dealer can work, so that he chooses the processes that suit him best.


A DMS system designed for dealerships who plan to grow includes advanced features such as payment authorization, FIFO cost per branch, order suggestion, manage multiple companies, stores, brands and warehouses in real time, while maintaining a unique customer and unique vehicle throughout the entire system; among others…

Before choosing a system ask yourself the question whose answer includes the four key concepts of the system tailored to your dealership. When you have the system tailored to your business, growth will not be a challenge, but an agile, profitable and safe path.

Autologica DMS has these four pillars of a system that will adapt to any path and that is shaping up as a vehicle towards the goals of your dealership. Contact today to receive a demo.