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A DMS that solves the operational and the strategic

When analyzing a dealership management system, companies tend to focus on business processes and daily operations: purchases, sales, inventory control, payments, collections, etc. That’s fine, but it overshadows a facet that may be even more important than the operational: the strategic.

Autologica Sky DMS has the ability to enhance both the operational and the strategic, two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, Sky DMS allows each staff member to carry out their daily tasks efficiently; automates processes that take up many hours; and centralizes information, avoiding double data entry. In conclusion, Sky DMS, like any good DMS, solves the operational part of the business so that it works all day, every day. 

On the other hand, and importantly: every transaction within the DMS generates information. In isolation, this data does not contribute anything to the business, but by using the correct tools dealership managers can draw conclusions and predict situations to make better decisions that generate better results. This is the other strong point of Autologica: all data generated on a daily basis comes together in an easy to use and readily accessible data analysis and visualization platform that facilitates decision-making. 

When looking for dealer management software, it is important to balance both aspects: facilitating the work of each person within the dealership, but having data tools to control, measure and improve the business.