9 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Dealership 

In an increasingly interconnected world, cybersecurity has become a matter of vital importance. Recent ransomware attacks that have affected large companies, demanding hefty payments to recover stolen data, remind us of the constant threat organizations face.

In this article, we will explore cybersecurity best practices to protect your dealership and reduce the risk of hacking

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1. Cybersecurity Policy 

A strong security policy begins with educating employees about risks. Make sure they understand what they can and cannot do with company hardware and software. Prevent unauthorized USB devices from connecting to the network, as this can open the door to security issues. 

2. Password Policy 

Insist that users use complex passwords that include numbers and special characters, and prohibit the reuse of previous passwords while enforcing a regular password change policy. 

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3. Corporate Antivirus 

Use corporate antivirus software that allows monitoring and control of all devices used in the company. Ensure all devices are updated with the latest antivirus version to prevent potential security breaches. 

4. Keep Software Updated 

Regularly update all software in your dealership. Updates often include security patches and solutions. 

5. Backup Strategy 

Perform daily backups and consider storing them in the cloud or on external devices. This not only protects your data in case of unauthorized access but also prepares you for possible physical issues with your server. 

6. Vulnerability Testing 

Schedule monthly vulnerability tests to detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your system. This will help you prevent malicious connections, hacker attacks, and harmful software. 

7. Physical Security 

Restrict access to your company’s servers and keep them in secure locations only accessible to your qualified technicians. 

8. Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Use a virtual private network to ensure secure connections from offsite computers. This is especially useful if you have multiple stores or employees who need secure and controlled access to the dealership’s network. 

9. Suspicious Email Filtering 

Implement an email server that filters suspicious emails. Additionally, educate your employees not to open emails from unknown accounts nor download attachments or executables. 

Cybersecurity is a priority that should not be overlooked in your dealership. The security of your data and servers is essential to protect your business and maintain the trust of your customers. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that incorporates all these security practices, consider requesting a demo of Autologica Sky DMS, a dealer management system designed with the security of your data in mind. Protect your dealership and keep your operations secure!