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Why We Lose Customers

Adopting strategies to recover lost customers is always a good idea, but creating strategies to never lose them in the first place is even better. Many times we tend to focus on resolving problems instead of doing the more intelligent and longer lasting job of prevention.

Take a look at the following chart which shows the reasons why we lose our customers.

It’s clear that many of these causes don’t depend on us, but the ones that do are the most important. Thus, we should focus on avoiding and reducing customer loss caused by our own mistakes.

How do we do that? By improving customer satisfaction.

Analyze customer opinions

The only way to see the bigger picture is knowing how yourchecklist-150x150 customers feel and what they think about the dealership.

You can carry out surveys at the dealership and through different communication channels (phone, SMS, apps, email, social networks). Common questions are: What do you think of the service provided? How was the service? Would you come back?

Know your customers

The more you know about your customers, the more resourcereunion-150x150s you will have to retain them. Knowing about their needs, expectations, hobbies, work, family, etc. allows you to offer them precisely what they need:

  • Preventive services for their vehicle
  • The right vehicles according to their job, family, needs, taste, etc.
  • Supplementary products they may be interested in

A good customer management tool such as a CRM can help you increase vehicle sales as well as manage claims, schedule calls, offer maintenance services, etc.

Stand out from the competition

Offering promotions to build customer loyalty is not a sustainablevalor-150x150 strategy. In order to really differentiate yourself from the competition, you should implement best practices and new technologies.

For example, you can improve the vehicle reception process by receiving the customer with a tablet-based app. This kind of tool allows you to go through the reception checklist on an iPad, define the necessary jobs, and quickly generate the Repair Order. These practices exert a positive impact on customers, since they reduce delays and show your concern in providing great service.

A price reduction policy is no longer a guarantee to attract more customers, but rather a short-term strategy that is unprofitable, easily copied, and easily improved upon by the competition.

Conversely, a policy focused on improving customer experience at the dealership, getting ahead of their problems, and becoming their partner is a differentiating factor your customers will value.

In conclusion

You don’t need to adopt huge changes or extravagant strategies in order to increase customer loyalty and retention. By paying attention to small details and adjusting daily practices you will increase both.

There are many simple, low-cost, and easy to implement strategies that have a positive impact on the dealership’s image and profitability.