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Why Aren’t My Loyal Customers Coming Back? 

In an increasingly competitive industry, where companies seek to simplify commercial processes and transform customer habits, is it enough to continue doing the same things to build loyalty and retain customers? 

There is a story often shared on social media about Abraham Wald, a Romanian mathematician who was part of a team tasked with analyzing and solving the frequent losses of American bombers during World War II. This team, analyzing the damage to the planes returning from missions, thought the smartest approach would be to reinforce the sectors returning with the most damage from the factory. But Wald made a significant contribution: despite the damage to those sectors, every bomber they analyzed returned to the base… the problem lay with those that didn’t return. 

Drawing a distant parallel with this dramatic example, if efforts are made to prevent customers from leaving, why aren’t efforts made with those who haven’t returned? 

Analyzing Trends: 

Well-organized and well-presented data tells stories. The objectivity of shopping trends and the variation in the behavior of certain customers are indicators that must be kept in mind. 

Analyzing Trends

Recently, a dealership using Autologica Sky DMS added a new tool to their toolkit: customer purchase analysis over time. This helped them identify customers who were buying less frequently than in previous years.

The dealer quickly created a plan to contact each of these customers one by one; for customers considered to be in critical condition, the team set up a more aggressive plan as they required deeper efforts to attract them once again.

Surveys and Feedback: 

There’s no need to fear satisfaction surveys; they are an economical tool that doesn’t require significant time investments and can help gauge customer satisfaction levels to make timely decisions. 

Surveys can be designed and scheduled to be sent every time a customer completes a service or makes a purchase. In the case of positive feedback, it can be used to reinforce what is being done well. In the case of negative feedback, it can be used to reach out to the customer to address their dissatisfaction, capitalize on the experience, and prevent it from recurring with other customers. 

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Stay close to customers 

The more we know about each customer, the more knowledge we have to retain them. Knowing their needs, expectations, hobbies, work, family size, etc., allows us to stay one step ahead and offer them what they are waiting for: 

• Preventive services for their vehicle 

• Vehicles that suit their work, family, interests, tastes, etc. 

• Complementary products that may interest them 

A CRM can help not only improve vehicle sales but also manage customer complaints, schedule contacts with customers, offer services when customers need them, and more. A best practice is to have a comprehensive view of each customer; Autologica Sky DMS includes a 360-degree view of customers that consolidates all customer information in one place: recent purchases, account status, owned vehicles, service history, etc. 


A DMS can help you leverage data to offer a better customer experience and build customer loyalty.