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What’s New in Autologica Sky DMS | May 2024 

Here are the latest improvements and updates in the latest release of Autologica Sky DMS.


Electronic Invoicing for Dominican Republic 

Dealerships in the Dominican Republic can now automatically obtain tax authorization for invoices generated in Autologica Sky DMS

Enhanced Parts Interface for Toyota 

Toyota dealerships can now quickly send sales information, and debits and credits to large customers, using the DDJJ parts sales interface. This update improves usability and adapts the interface to meet dealership needs when generating receipts. 

Vehicle Stock Accounting Analytical Reports 

These reports have been optimized. They are essential for dealerships that operate with Importers features and allocate import costs proportionally.  

The Importers module allows importers to monitor their operations and centralize information, making processes and costs fully traceable. In addition, importers can track the status of each shipment to inform arrival dates to customers and resellers. 

Payments to Suppliers with Withholdings 

This feature has been improved to allow users to generate payment orders to suppliers with the corresponding withholdings automatically calculated, with a single click. If the payment is in foreign currency, the feature also generates vouchers for exchange rate differences. 

Journal Entry Numbering by Series 

You can now print journal entries numbered by series, enhancing the organization and internal control of accounting records. Additionally, the branch name has been added to each journal entry for quick reference. 

Configure Output Directory for Excel Export 

The export to Excel feature has been optimized. Users can now choose where to export the files, streamlining the process and improving the organization of exported data, while also allowing for the confidentiality of sensitive documents.