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What’s New in Autologica | January 2024 

The latest update to Autologica Sky DMS includes the following improvements and new features.


Global Receipt 

This new feature allows you to generate a single receipt or a single payment order for the total customer balance. That is, if the client has a debt in different types of accounts (parts, services, vehicles, etc.), a single payment and a single receipt can be made for the total. 

  • A single receipt for the customer with details of the related receipts. 
  • Collect different types of accounts in local and foreign currency. 
  • Compensate positive and negative balances of different account types. 
  • Reallocate credit balances to another type of account. 
  • Generate payment orders for customers when the balance is in their favor. 

Improvements to Financial Plans 

Autologica Sky DMS lets dealers manage finance plans for vehicle sales. It has different interest methods (direct, French, etc.), automatically reallocates financed amounts and calculates interest on defaults, among more features. In the latest update, the search feature for settlements was improved, and the visualization of interest on defaults in each pre-settlement was facilitated. 

Vehicles Available for Sale Report 

Salespeople need quick access to information on vehicles available for sale (models, colors, equipment levels and physical location of the units), and to quickly see the most important information about each one. With the new vehicle report they will be able to do so. 

Branch Warehouse Days in stock Model Code Color Interior Color Estimated Arrival Date Shipping Status Status 
Main Showroom A 32 ECO 1223AN34 Blue Black   In Stock 
Main Showroom B 10 ECO 1223AN34 White Black Pearl 2024/03/29 Courier Held  

Summary of 2023 

In this article, we summarize the most important features released in 2023.