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What’s New in Autologica | 2023 July

The latest Autologica Sky DMS update includes improvements and features to enhance tasks in every dealership department. 


A Comprehensive View of Each Customer and Supplier with 360 View 

Detailed information about each customer and supplier, on a single screen, is just a few clicks away. 

You can quickly search for customers and suppliers, view their information, make modifications, add new ones, change credit limits, and perform other actions. 

This feature is web-based and available to all dealerships using the cloud version of Autologica Sky DMS.

Multi-Currency Features 

Autologica Sky is now a multi-currency DMS that allows the dealership to invoice, handle accounting and accounts receivables in two currencies, as well as manage cash and banks in multiple currencies. 

All of this is done in real-time; there’s no need to run cumbersome end-of-month processes to generate accounting and reports. 

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GM Integrations  

The new integrations for GM dealerships automate and simplify interactions with the OEM, enabling the exchange of key information with just a few clicks, saving time, and avoiding errors.

Available GM integrations: 

  • Parts Inventory 
  • Vehicle Inventory 
  • Parts Sales 
  • Vehicle Sales 
  • Repair Orders 

Autologica Business Intelligence 

View dashboards from your smartphone 

Changes and improvements have been made to the data analysis tool to allow for viewing on any smartphone. This enables principals and managers to access business information anytime, anywhere. 

Autologica BI: Sales Actions 

Sales Actions is one of the strongest features of Autologica BI, and helps you detect and capitalize on the sales potential of the dealership’s customers.  

Autologica Business Intelligence
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French Amortization System for Financial Plans

  • New French amortization system. 
  • Add expenses that do not generate interest to the installment schedule. 
  • Automatically reapply financed amounts. 
  • If overdue installments are detected during collection, calculate interest, and generate the customer invoice.  

Integrations with brands


  • Autopart | We have developed an integration with the VW Autopart application for factory purchase scheduling. This integration is used to send daily and historical parts activity information, which will then be used by the OEM to generate purchase suggestions or for direct purchases desired by the dealership. 
  • Parts delivery notes | We have also developed a new VW integration for parts delivery notes, which automates the entry of these notes into the DMS, eliminating manual entry and avoiding errors. 

Case New Holland 

  • PRIM | The PRIM integration was launched for CNH dealerships, allowing for the automatic exchange of parts information. The aim of these integrations is to improve overall inventory management in the dealership. 


  • F116 | Changes have been made to the F116 integration, which checks the status of each vehicle requested from the OEM. It now includes vehicles requested through savings plans, those requested through traditional sales, and additional vehicles. 
  • Agenda| In the integration with Ford Scheduler, which enables integration between Autologica Sky DMS and Ford’s workshop appointment system, the process of creating and modifying certificates has been simplified. 

John Deere 

  • Invoice, debit note, and credit note integration | This integration imports invoices, debit notes, and credit notes for John Deere factory concepts. This speeds up the entry of all concept-related documents into the DMS, ensuring correct accounting allocation. 
  • Seedz | This is a new integration between Autologica Sky DMS and John Deere’s dealership sales incentive program, Seedz. It provides sales data from the dealership to John Deere so that they can generate incentives for the dealers based on that information. 


  • RIM | The RIM integration provides parts order suggestions for stock orders placed with the OEM. Based on parts sales and available stock, the purchase suggestion is generated to maintain effective stock and meet customer needs. The integration has been modified to import factory parts orders, considering the correct SAP identifier sent in the orders from RIM. This means that if there is already a document with the same identifier in the DMS that is not an order, the order from the integration will be inserted, as it is now validated by the type of order in addition to the numbering. 

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