What Are the Key Reports for Dealer Managers? (Part 1: Service)

We all know the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’, and as every popular saying it is partly true. However, in the dealership industry we must complement employee expertise with other tools and strategies because of the speed of technological progress, customer changes in habits, an increasingly aggressive competition, and OEM requirements.

It is essential for a manager to monitor their department’s processes, control them, and detect if they are working properly. In addition to finding opportunities for improvement, managers must know their department’s revenue as well as its potential. This article analyzes some key reports that a Service Manager should analyze on a regular basis.

What Is the Cost of Labor?

This report displays technician labor costs for repair jobs (taking into account invoiced hours and the value of each technician’s hour), and compares the labor cost of repair orders vs. service sales.

What will I learn from this report?

  • If service prices are adequate
  • If technicians are suited for the jobs they are performing
  • If technicians are well trained
  • If it is necessary to adjust the average duration of jobs

Vehicle History

The vehicle history report displays all the repair orders performed on a vehicle, which allows us to suggest maintenance jobs based on the previous services performed. This report allows you to detect service sales opportunities, and is also a helpful tool when analyzing trade-ins.

Why should I analyze this information? Because the Service Department can analyze the potential of each customer before they arrive at the workshop, thus increasing sales during each interaction.

Service Recap by Workshop

Another interesting but complex report that allows you to evaluate workshop performance on a global level is the Service Recap by Workshop report, which is available in Autologica DMS and offers a quick overview of the number of repair orders, hours invested on each order, parts used, and even efficiency (job price divided by invested hours).

This information is an X-ray of the entire Service Department and helps the Service Manager to redesign the way in which jobs and parts are offered so as to increase sales.

The report also helps detect needs: if employees need training, if prices should be increased, if you should invest in infrastructure, if you need to implement strategies to make the department more profitable.

Autologica DMS key reports are daily tools used by Service Managers who aim to improve workshop profitability, attract as many opportunities as possible, and improve performance by reducing obstacles.

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