Updates | March 2022

Here are some of the new features for Autologica Sky DMS and the apps that are part of the Autologica universe in March 2022.

Some of the Major New Features for Autologica Sky DMS

New Interface to Import Accounting Entries

A new interface was developed to import multiple accounting entries in a single process to speed up the loading times of accounting data.

Performance and Security Improvements

Like each new version, improvements to the system are included to optimize its operation, improve functions and guarantee greater security for dealers.

New Print Form for Printing Parts Labels

A new print form was developed for printing parts labels with the following characteristics: the label shows the barcode and the part ID and description; the label shows the part location based on the warehouse for the part in the voucher; if the part was requested to satisfy the order of a customer, the label shows customer information (First and Last Name, and Phone number). Only for parts from a purchase voucher; the label shows the part quantity.

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Exclusive for Each Brand


Changes in GUDB

With the aim to increase security in the connections performed to FORD servers, GUDB stopped using the user/password authentication method to start using public/private key certificates. To work with this new method, Autologica has created a pair of keys: the public key is sent by Ford to be installed and enabled in the dealer servers and the private key is used by the DMS to perform the connections.

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