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Top Features of Tracker CRM | Sales Stages for Each Business Unit

Every dealer knows that a CRM is vital to increase sales, organize and monitor the sales team, and ensure that sales processes are followed. A CRM designed for dealerships offers special features that make it even more powerful.

Define sales stages for each business unit is very important in order to improve management of each business unit within the dealership. The process of selling vehicles, and that for parts or services, clearly are not the same. Each one has its specific stages, timing and closing probabilities. In many CRMs, only one pipeline is available for all products which is not only confusing but also waste time.

It is important for each business unit to define its own pipeline. For example, in the sale of parts or services, a test drive or an advanced negotiation will not be necessary.

The best run dealerships base their success on sound sales processes and do not depend solely on the professional and interpersonal skills of each salesperson.