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The Right System for Professionally Run Dealerships (Part 2)

Efficiently manage several stores

Most current and prospective users of our dealer management system manage multiple locations, and as such tend to have in place controls and management guidelines in order to be more efficient and avoid losing money. Some premises shared by these multi-store dealerships are:

  1. Guarantee the smooth operation between the different areas of each store
  2. Track the performance indicators of each store so as to make sure they are in line with the company’s goals

As obvious as these premises may seem, many times they are difficult to implement, especially if the system used by the dealer is not up to the level of professionalization necessary to manage large volumes of transactions.

How can I satisfy both needs? Mainly by centralizing key operations of all stores in a DMS designed to support a large dealership structure.

This article analyzes different solutions that a DMS can offer dealers looking to grow or professionalize their operation between stores.

Improve processes between stores

A DMS designed for dealers with multiple stores not only allows you to share essential information without duplicating data (customers, suppliers, parts, etc.), but also has features that help you make the most of the information of each store in different ways.

Shared inventory

Why is it important that the inventory information of each store be centralized in the DMS? Simply to make intelligent purchases and avoid losing money. Parts inventory management is one of the most complex areas in a dealership due to the many processes involved, the number of parts sold and purchased, and the multiple warehouses storing the parts.

Therefore, it is essential that you count with a system that organizes and adds transparency to these operations. Autologica DMS offers reports that help the parts analyst detect which parts are in surplus at a warehouse and could be transferred to another warehouse that needs them. This helps all warehouses stay in balance and increases the possibility of satisfying customer needs.

Vehicles available at each store

Another important feature is the possibility to find out quickly if a new or used vehicle desired by a customer is available at any location. This saves the salesperson time spent making phone calls, for example, to other stores to know the availability of vehicles.

Know what is happening at each workshop in real time

It is simple for the Service Manager to know what is happening in the store where they are located, but the only way to know the status of other stores is through reports. However, with a tool such as a Technicians Panels they can know:

  1. What jobs are being carried out in each workshop and the technician in charge
  2. How many jobs are delayed due to lack of inventory or infrastructure issues
  3. Which technicians are idle between jobs so as to assign new jobs and make the most of each hour paid

These are just some of the features that multi-store dealers can take advantage of in their dealer management system, to not only monitor each location but also to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability at all locations.

The next article will analyze the way to measure the performance of each store.

Are your stores working together and leveraging every possible opportunity? Contact us to learn how Autologica DMS can help you.