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The Most Complete DMS, Now Integrated With SAP Business One

We are pleased to announce the certification and launch of Autologica DMS for SAP Business One, a solution that solves the entire service process of any vehicle dealership and fully integrates with SAP. 

Autologica DMS for SAP Business One complements the back-office power of SAP Business One with the specific functionality for the dealership front-office offered by Autologica DMS, thus solving the entire customer-facing process in the Service Department. 

Autologica DMS for SAP Business One allows the dealer to carry out the entire service process, from booking workshop appointments all the way through to billing. Using Autologica DMS, dealership users solve each key service department process: 

  • Schedule service appointments in a centralized calendar. Vehicle owners can book workshop appointments online, and receive reminders 
  • Service advisors receive vehicles in the workshop with a tablet; the repair order is generated automatically 
  • Assign jobs to technicians for each intervention  
  • Each technician can indicate start and end time of their tasks on a touchscreen 
  • Track each repair order in real time 
  • When assigning parts to the repair order, inventory is automatically updated in SAP Business One warehouses 
  • Create the invoice in SAP Business One 
  • Analyze efficiency, productivity, and profitability for the workshop and for each technician  

Information integrated between Autologica DMS and SAP Business One® includes: 

  • Exchange Rate 
  • Business Partner 
  • Items 
  • Inventory Adjustments 
  • Sales Order 
  • Delivery Note 
  • Return 
  • Internal Invoice 

Autologica DMS for SAP Business One is now available for dealers and dealer groups around the world, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

5 Reasons to Choose Autologica DMS for SAP Business One 

  • SAP-certified solution 
  • Real-time integration 
  • Contemplates all Service Department processes 
  • Strategic reports 
  • Our expertise in the dealership business 

Why Choose Certified Solutions? 

Being an SAP-certified solution means that Autologica SAP for SAP Business One has been successfully tested and approved, guaranteeing its proper operation, security, and compatibility with SAP. This helps avoid risks to your ERP, your data, and your business.