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Strategies to Re-Start Proactively

Although security measures against Covid-19 continue throughout all countries, it is becoming necessary (and even healthy) to spend time thinking about what we are going to do when our workload is back to or close to normal.

It is necessary to understand that some customer habits have changed, and so we need to create proactive strategies to remain competitive in this context of uncertainty.

In this article we will share some interesting strategies for returning to work with an active posture, generating opportunities and not only satisfying demand.

New Ways to Buy

Global studies have confirmed that the trend towards online shopping has taken a huge leap.

The data shows us that is a must for a dealership to offer their products online. Today there are dozens of platforms to sell online and create virtual stores.

Autologica Solution: Client AccessPoint, a customer portal that allows a dealer’s customers to order parts online, and to access their personalized account information. More info.

Don’t Wait for Customers to Come to You

As activities become more flexible, customers also reorder their priorities and perhaps postpone  the purchase of vehicles or services. Instead of waiting for for customers to come, we can use data from the DMS data to spot opportunities and give customers reasons to buy.

A vehicle’s mileage, heavy equipment hours of usage, the dates of last services, the change of seasons… by analyzing this key data, we can go from a reactive to a proactive posture and offer services and products that our customers need.

Autologica Solution: Service Marketing, a set of features that automatically calculates the date of the next service of each vehicle or equipment that has passed through the dealership, and generates an automatic campaign through multiple channels to sell as many services as possible.

Autologica DMS has different solutions that can be applied in each mentioned situation. Request a demo today of the DMS chosen by world-class dealers.