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Sky DMS Saves Up to One Month of Work Per Year in the Services Department 

Autologica Sky DMS enhances and speeds up each stage in the service process. Learn how you can standardize and professionalize your Dealership

In each stage of the service process, from the time the appointment is made until the services are billed, Autologica Sky DMS provides improvements that save time, eliminate delays and allow technicians to optimize their work. Added up, all of this saves the dealership up to one month every year. 

Step 1: Appointment Management 

Appoint365 is an online workshop scheduling tool that allows customers to book appointments from their computer or mobile device. This solution sends appointment reminders to minimize no-shows, streamlines the appointment data entry process, and allows the Service Manager to monitor shop occupancy to maximize sales. 

Appoint365 at Autologica Sky DMS

Main Advantages 

  • Time savings in data entry by allowing customers to book online.
  • When the appointment is created by the dealer, vehicle and customer data is automatically filled in by integrating with Autologica Sky DMS. 
  • The dealer knows in advance what jobs are going to be carried out each day, and can prepare the parts; this saves valuable time for technicians.
  • Reduces absenteeism thanks to automatic appointment reminders to customers.

Step 2: Vehicle Reception 

On the day of the appointment, Service Advisors use DealerTablet on their tablet to carry out the reception checklist, which is 100% configurable to fit the dealership’s process. 

DealerTablet at Autologica Sky DMS

Main Advantages 

  • Speeds up vehicle reception by up to 33%. 
  • Automatically creates repair orders in Autologica Sky DMS.  
  • Customizable checklist to offer promotions, seasonal jobs, etc. 
  • Enhances dealer’s professional image.
  • Vehicle reception in the field, for agricultural and construction equipment dealers. 

Step 3: The Repair Order 

Once the vehicle is received, the repair order is automatically created in Autologica Sky DMS. This document contains all key information: customer, vehicle, service history, parts used, jobs, hours spent by each technician, third-party jobs, etc. 

Autologica Sky DMS for Dealerships

Main Advantages 

  • Record jobs in hours, time units defined by the OEM, kilometers traveled, or third-party jobs.
  • Who pays for each item; several invoices can be generated from the same repair order, e.g. if there are internal charges, warranty work, or an insurance company is involved.
  • Maintenance service manuals can be uploaded, to see parts and repair steps.
  • Simplifies the traceability of jobs and parts used in each repair order.
  • Streamlines the billing process.
  • See the service history of each vehicle to be able to offer additional services, update customer and vehicle information, and more.

Autologica Sky DMS
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Step 4: Parts Management 

Autologica Sky DMS lets you work with internal parts vouchers and pre-vouchers, documents that reflect the movement of parts within the dealership and that are related to each work order. This is vital to ensure the traceability for each and every part. 

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Main Advantages 

  • The parts for a given repair order are requested through a pre-voucher. 
  • When the parts are delivered, they are linked to that repair order. 
  • Full traceability of each part and accessory used. 
  • All parts used on a job are billed. 
  • Reduces manual input errors by automating the assignment of parts in each repair order.

Step 5: Job Management and Time Tracking

Autologica Sky DMS features a Job Clock module, a touch screen-based application that helps optimize workshop performance and efficiency by allowing technicians to quickly record every task they perform.

Clock Work at Autologica Sky DMS

At the same time, the Technician Panel allows the Service Manager to quickly see if a technician es delayed, in order to reassign tasks and minimize the impact on workshop efficiency.

Hours Panel

Main Advantages 

  • Detect delays in work and their reasons. 
  • Detect idle hours in the workshop, reuse them for training or conditioning. 
  • Analyze the department’s productivity and efficiency.

Step 6: Status of Each Job 

RO Progress allows the Service Manager to see in real time how each repair order is progressing on the shop floor. In this way, they can organize tasks, and assign and reassign jobs to operators to improve workshop productivity and efficiency.

Main Advantages 

  • Detect delays in open jobs. 
  • Quickly detect bottlenecks. 
  • Organize and assign jobs. 
  • Detect work orders that have been open for an excessive period of time.

Step 7: Billing 

Once the service is completed, the hours and parts involved are automatically charged to the repair order to bill the client. Invoices can discriminate what the customer must pay, as well as what is charged to the dealer and what corresponds to the warranty. Autologica Sky DMS also helps you with the process to make the claim to the OEM).

Main Advantages 

  • Saves of administrative time.

Step 8: Reports 

Autologica Sky DMS includes multiple ways to control and audit Service Department operations so management can improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Main Reports 

  • Productivity and efficiency.
  • Cycle of work orders to clients.
  • Summary of services by workshop and by advisor.
  • KPIs.
  • Third party billing details.
  • Detailed spreadsheet with everything done in the workshop.