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Remote DMS Deployment

September 17, 2020 – Autologica S.A., the innovative software company for automobile and construction machinery dealers, has launched a 100% remote DMS implementation process using online collaborative tools.

The remote DMS deployment is based on:

  • Project monitoring in real time
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Live training; classes are recorded and stored in the dealer’s online library
  • Go-live monitoring throughout the entire roll-out
  • Our eLearning platform with role-based courses

The remote DMS deployment process covers the complete project lifecycle, from the initial needs analysis stage that analyzes the dealership’s specific business processes, through the actual go-live roll-out, to the post-implementation support stage that ensures that the system is used correctly and efficiently.

An Autologica project manager supervises the deployment from start to finish, continuously interacting with the dealership’s own project manager. Dealership managers can track the deployment in detail through an online portal.

“Many of the adaptations we made to the implementation process for this new context are improvements that will become a permanent part of our deployments in the post-COVID world. We’re discovering many benefits, including the fact that virtual DMS implementations allow dealers to substantially lower costs,” said Al McClymont, CEO of Autologica.