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Reduce Vehicle Check-in Time at the Workshop by 33%

The interaction between the customer and the dealership’s service staff is a key moment that can define satisfaction and loyalty. However, it is also a complex area: Service Advisors have to dedicate a large portion of their time to administrative tasks, such as inputting customers into the system and managing the workshop schedule; lost and canceled appointments reduce productivity and revenue; etc. In summary, the department’s potential is not fully exploited.

DealerTablet and Appoint365 are two web-based tools that work together to allow the dealership to increase the profitability of the service department. They let dealers optimize vehicle check-in time, and take advantage of the interaction with the customer to achieve a differential experience as well as more sales.

Using DealerTablet and Appoint365 helps dealers:

Increase sales

The reception checklist on the tablet can include mandatory questions so that Service Advisors remember to offer customers additional services, remind customers of previous services that they declined, and suggest accessories or services that have special promotions.

Reduce vehicle check-in time

Vehicle check-in can be reduced by 33%. Automated workshop scheduling also frees Service Advisors from having to manually input customer information when they receive a vehicle.

Improve parts inventory management

When a service appointment is logged in Appoint365, the workshop knows beforehand what parts they will need and can set them aside, or order them if they are not in stock.

Reduce no-shows

Appoint365 sends automated emails and text messages to each customer to remind them of their workshop appointment. The customer can, with one click, cancel or reschedule. Dealers can quickly reprogram canceled appointments and thus work to maximum capacity.