Quickly Submit Dollar Account Balances to DFA

Autologica Sky DMS allows streamlining the process to report accounting balances to Deere’s DFA (Dealer Financial Analysis) through a new interface that fully integrates DMS operations with factory requirements.

In addition, dealers who must report balances in dollars can do so.

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Autologica Sky DMS is a software for the automotive and machinery industry with all the functions and integrations that professional dealerships need.
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Other Exclusive Interfaces for John Deere Dealers

Autologica Sky DMS offers a wide range of interfaces for John Deere dealers.

PMM (Parts Management Data)

Generates dealer parts management data and automatically sends it to John Deere on a monthly basis. With this information, the factory generates a report with the most relevant information from the dealer’s parts department, including: availability, sales, margin, inventory, turnover, and other indicators.

Parts Advisor

Through this interface, John Deere dealers can import parts to a parts order (both purchases and sales) from a file, instead of adding them manually.


JDPrism is the JD online system that performs order suggestions and transfers between dealership stores. It considers historical and daily information sent by the dealers.


This exclusive integration connects Tracker CRM with JDQuote to send and receive opportunities and contacts, and create quotes in the John Deere system.


Elips sends Deere historical/daily activity regarding counter and workshop sales via DTF.

Comprehensive interface pack

This pack includes:

  • Parts and Supersessions | Inserts new parts and updates prices and replacements for existing parts.
  • Parts orders to Deere | Generates a file to transfer parts orders to JDPoint.
  • Parts invoices from Deere DNS | Insert parts purchase invoices sent by Deere, into Autologica Sky DMS.
  • Equipment models | Updates equipment models and prices in Autologica Sky DMS.