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Maximize Profit from Routine Service Procedures

Filter and oil changes are the main reasons customers visit the workshop at least once every 10,000 km, so this is a constant opportunity to foster loyalty and increase sales. To that end, the Service Manager can:

  • Guarantee that the work is fast and efficient.
  • Systematize a way to increase sales in every interaction between Service Advisor and customer.

Let’s analyze the case of a dealership that increased its revenue and customer loyalty by improving its Service Department processes.

Organize appointments

Even for routine tasks, it is important that appointments are registered and organized. An unregistered appointment is as damaging as a lost one; both situations should be avoided.

If the Service Manager uses a scheduling tool, they will be able to fully track each appointment, from registration to rescheduling to the actual appointment, avoiding overlaps, delays, and customer complaints, and at the same time maximizing workshop occupancy.

Prevent delays

Filter and oil changes are fairly quick services, so delays in this type of task will cause customer complaints.

In order to detect and correct delays, the Service Manager should monitor technician performance on a Technician Panel or similar tool inside the dealership’s DMS.

The Service Manager can thus detect delays, as well as inefficiencies and their causes: poor organization, lack of training, low workshop capacity, etc.

With the information provided by the Technician Panel, the Service Manager can attack, amend and prevent delays in order to improve workshop performance.

Amaze customers

Implementing tools and technologies to speed up vehicle reception helps foster customer loyalty. Even for routine tasks, if the Service Advisor uses a tablet-based reception tool they will not only accelerate the vehicle reception process, but also boost sales.

During reception, the Service Manager can set up mandatory questions in the tablet application so that the Advisor remembers to suggest additional services, interesting products for the customer, and even current offers.

Advise them!

Customers may be in need of other kinds of services. Service Advisors should make the most of their interaction with customers, and remind them of previously rejected jobs, suggest maintenance services, and even offer products that are currently on sale. Customers will see the Advisor as a helpful partner that knows them and their vehicle.

“With today’s technology it’s possible for dealers to provide quality service with faster turnaround times. Dealerships that want to improve customer satisfaction and retention are implementing best practices and the latest technologies to achieve these goals.” Al McClymont, Autologica CEO.