Is Your Dealership Prepared Against the Next Wave of Hackers? 

Ransomware-type attacks are back in the news, this time affecting large companies and requiring them to pay millions of dollars to retrieve their stolen data. 

Ransomware-type attacks are back in the news, this time affecting large companies and requiring them to pay millions of dollars to retrieve their stolen data. 

Broadly speaking, this methodology consists of “hijacking” and encrypting a company’s database and requesting large payments, generally in bitcoins, to decrypt it. In some cases, hackers even threaten to publish the data if the conditions are not accepted. 

Autologica Sky DMS, our web-based DMS, reduces the possibility of hacking by having multiple strict layers of security. 

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Dealerships that maintain their own servers need to urgently review and reinforce their cybersecurity policies to reduce the possibility of hacking. 

Security Policy 

If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to create it. An acceptable security policy tells employees what they can and cannot do with the company’s hardware and software and, above all, communicates the risks. For example, if employees connect personal equipment to the network, install software or misuse hardware, there is a risk of infecting the entire network. 

Password Policy 

Whatever system users use, it is recommended that they have complex passwords (minimum length, numbers and special characters, etc.). Passwords should be changed frequently, and previous passwords shouldn’t be reused. Although it seems obvious, users should be reminded that it is not advisable to share passwords. 

Corporate Antivirus 

Unlike standard antivirus software, corporate versions allow you to monitor and control all the equipment you use. In addition, you can ensure that all computers are updated with the latest version of the antivirus, which helps avoid security breaches. 

Updated Software 

It is key to keep all of the company’s software updated, as developers continually send out security patches and solutions to bugs and potential threats. 

Backup Strategy 

To ensure the security of your business database, it is advisable to perform at least one daily backup on disk, as well as in the cloud or onto external equipment. This will not only protect you in case of unwanted access to your database, but it prepares you for any physical problem with your server. In addition, it is advisable to do monthly backup restoration tests to be sure that you can count on your backup when you need it. 

Make the leap to Autologica Sky DMS and let us perform all these duties, reducing the possibility of hacking, data theft, or unwanted intrusions.  


Vulnerability Tests 

It is recommended that your technicians perform monthly vulnerability tests with the aim of detecting gaps and weaknesses; this helps prevent problems with malicious connections, hackers, and harmful software. 

Physical Security 

It is advisable to restrict access to the company’s servers. Keep them in safe and inaccessible places where only qualified technicians can access them. 

Private Networks 

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a way to ensure a secure connection with computers that work from outside the dealership. Dealership stores can connect via VPN in a secure and controlled way. 

Analyze and Filter Suspicious Emails 

Use an email server that excludes emails that may be malicious. More importantly, remind your employees that they should not open emails from accounts they do not recognize, nor download attachments or executables. 

This set of security practices is recommended to enhance the security of your dealership data and servers, and minimize the risk of intrusions. And in a worst-case scenario, by having a strong backup policy you will be able to return to work normally in a few hours. 

If you need a DMS that includes all these practices and helps keep your data safe, request a demo of Autologica Sky DMS and learn more about software that thinks about the security of your data.