Innovative Dealerships Don’t Depend on Spreadsheets 

In the early days perhaps the spreadsheets were enough, but given the progress of the automotive industry, this is no longer true.

In recent years, the habit of measuring key indicators, defining goals, and analyzing data has intensified. In the early days perhaps the spreadsheets were enough, but given the progress of the automotive industry, this is no longer true. 

Professionally managed dealerships using a DMS on a day-to-day basis generate hundreds of thousands of pieces of data; each of these data, well analyzed, can help generate more sales, provide clues to solve recurring problems, or predict upcoming events for which you should be prepared. A dealer who continues to manually work on this information is faced with two situations: 

  1. The volume of data is so large that it escapes one person’s analysis, which can mean leaving money on the table. 
  2. Throw money at the problem, by having staff and managers spend hundreds of hours massaging the data and preparing reports.

Both scenarios are negative, but luckily there are solutions.  
Autologica Sky DMS, for example, fulfills its role as a dealer management system but also takes those millions of data points and turn them into valuable information shown in graphics and dashboards that are updated with one click. 

We no longer must manually assemble the reports, nor are there delays due to lack of data updating. It used to take me an hour and a half to assemble each dashboard, to be able to see the various parts families and their sales, and each part in particular, etc… it now only takes me 15 minutes.

Remonda Castro, Official John Deere dealer

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Expense or Investment? 

Is BI an expense or an investment? This is a valid question, but the question actually distinguishes between two types of dealerships: those who use technology to increase the bottom line, and those who don’t. 

Two top benefits of BI at the dealership are: 


Dealers working with Autologica Sky DMS and Autologica BI report that, on average, they save 2.5 days per month. This translates into over one month per year not invested in manual tasks.  

More Sales 

BI provides the opportunity to increase sales and lower costs. For example, for a parts manager, it may be the opportunity to reduce emergency parts purchases by detecting peak demand periods early. For a sales manager, it translates into knowing the average replacement time of their customers’ units to initiate service call campaigns; for a service manager, on the other hand, it can be the opportunity to discover the sales potential of parts and services that customers are not purchasing from the dealership. 

Goodbye to The Spreadsheets? 

Undoubtedly, BI is an important milestone for a dealer. But there is one more benefit that is priceless for any manager or principal: the information is taken from the DMS automatically, without manipulation, without going through any person. Information is reliable and up t date, taken directly from the heart of the company. 

If with all of these arguments you still consider that spreadsheets are adapted to your management style, do this simple exercise: calculate how long it takes between the moment you request specific sales information, KPIs, or other management reports and the moment you receive them… without losing sight of the fact that the success of many decisions is linked to the time of reaction. 

If you want to know how Autologica Sky DMS can be a strategic ally of your dealership management team, lets coordinate a demo so that you can learn more about the most complete DMS on the market. 

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