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How to Optimize the Use of Your CRM at the Dealership – Synergy Between Departments

A good CRM software provides features which help the dealer retain customers and increase sales. Most of these features are based on the interaction with current and potential customers, and can be automated. The key is to know the potential of the CRM tool we use.

Sometimes we do not realize that CRM software is designed to automate an important part of the sales staff’s workflow, but the truth is that without updated information and a rich database, any system will fall into disuse.

As a consequence, the first step towards optimizing the use of a CRM tool is to recognize that the database is built by everyone, not just the sales department. It is essential to promote a synergy between all departments so as to continuously update customer and prospect data.

This will help us to fully leverage the CRM in order to maximize its effect on sales.

Some of the staff members that are not usually familiarized with the loading of prospects and customers into the CRM are the employees who check in vehicles as well as Service Advisors in the workshop. Both are essential in the sales process because of the regular interaction they have with these customers:


  • Usually the first contact a prospect has with the dealership
  • They create a more fluid communication between the customer and the sales team, who will later monitor the prospect
  • Can increase customer satisfaction by giving interactions a personal touch
  • Consequently, this increases sales

Service Department:

  • A Service Advisor is someone who has technical knowledge that is of great interest to the customer
  • Service Advisors can initiate the sale of a vehicle right from the service area, because of their periodic interaction with prospects
  • Can usually obtain qualitative information about the customer’s needs
  • Increases satisfaction by giving interactions a personal touch
  • Many customers build a strong relationship with their Service Advisors since they trust them with their vehicle
  • Consequently, this increases sales

The information provided by all departments constitutes a key source for analysis and decision-making, not only in the sales department but also in the marketing department. This means that each piece of information obtained beginning with the first interaction with the customer/prospect is vital to carry out a sale.

To achieve a successful use of your CRM, dealers need to raise awareness among employees about the essential role they each play in building the database, teach them how to use the CRM, and promote teamwork between all dealership departments.