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How to Choose a DMS for My Dealer Group

When choosing a system for managing a group of dealers, management will analyze different aspects based on their business need. There are those who prefer to focus on cost, while other companies focus on the features the DMS offers. Once the objectives of the DMS deployment project are established, decisions can be made that are sustainable over time and that will help bring about a have a successful roll-out.

Some of the basic issues to evaluate when choosing a DMS are:

1. Does the DMS adapt to our needs

On many occasions, deployment projects fail because the chosen system is not specific to their industry, and core business processes are not contemplated. Generic ERPs, for example, can handle basic invoicing and accounting issues, but come up short on the service and parts side of the dealership business.

We recommend that you choose a provider that understands your business.

2. Manage a dealer network

If you run a dealer network, it is essential that your DMS interconnects all locations. What does this mean? All stores, offices, workshops and warehouses generate daily information that ranges from the simplest (customer data) to the most complex (statistical sales data, for example), and that must be shared between all points avoiding data reentry, and offering management a global view of the business in order to make strategic decisions.

Data entered at any location must be accessible from any other point.

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3. Comply with brand requirements

In a dealer network, individual dealers must comply with quality standards set by the brand, and for that they must share information with main headquarters from across the dealership. Your DMS should allow the information required by the OEM to be collected and sent automatically, saving dozens of hours every month. To comply with the best practices suggested by each brand, the DMS must also have the mandated features and processes.

DMS projects should be coordinated between the OEM or distributor, dealers and your DMS provider to guarantee a successful roll-out.

4. Grow and expand without suffering

New branches, new employees, new markets, new industries … every strategic business decision must be as smooth as possible. Modular and scalable systems can work both in a dealership with a few stores, as well as in large networks that have continuous growth goals.

Your DMS system should accompany you in your growth process and continually support your best practices.

These are some of the points that large companies analyze when choosing a dealer management system. This list can be applied to any dealership that aims to grow, expand and capture a larger portion of the market.

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