How Dealers Reduce Costs

The effects of the global financial crisis we are going through are still reflecting on the automotive industry.

In times like these, dealers need to maintain a reduced fixed cost structure. So when you look at your monthly expense report and see how much your DMS is costing, you may wonder if it’s truly necessary to spend so much.

You can spend less without relinquishing the professional DMS functionality your dealership needs.

Autologica DMS is a full-featured, high-quality and fully integrated Microsoft Windows®-based solution, with a price tag suited to current market realities.

And you’ll save on more than the software:

No Logon Charges for Multi-Franchise Dealers

If you’re a multi-franchise dealer, with Autologica you’ll have just one logon. No separate and cumbersome logons for each franchise, and no extra fees for multiple logons.

Lower Hardware Charges

Autologica DMS works with standard PCs, servers and printers that most dealers already have, which means no costly equipment lease charges, and no monthly billings for special hardware.

No Use Charges

With Autologica, you have zero transaction, click and printing charges. Some older DMS systems actually charge a fee per repair order printed.

Smooth and Fast Transition From Old Systems

We can even smooth the transition from your legacy system by helping you convert your existing data and putting it directly into Autologica.

Access Historical Information at No Charge

You’ll never have to pay us to access your historical data. Your information is right in your database, immediately and easily available to you (not archived), so whenever you run a report you can choose to include as much history as you want. This also means that your power of analysis is greatly enhanced since you can include more information in your reports.

Faster (and Cheaper) Training

Windows offers an easier interface, one users are already familiar with. This makes implementation and training simpler, and also means a faster learning curve for new employees. In an industry with high turnover rates, this is especially important. Today, everyone knows Windows, its navigation, how to use multiple screens, buttons, and a mouse. Not many new employees will even understand the philosophy behind older-style systems.