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Favorite Actions – Process Workflow

To simplify the daily tasks of dealership employees, Autologica DMS now has Favorite Actions, a configurable keypad that lets users define all the actions that are part of a process and simplify them in a workflow.

For example, in Sales the process can be made up of three steps: Quote > Order > Invoice. A button is defined for each of these actions. Thus, the user doesn’t have to remember the next step; the system suggests it directly.

For example, a parts salesperson opens the Favorite Actions keypad, clicks the “Quote” button, and assigns the requested parts. If the customer accepts the quote, the salesperson simply clicks the “Order” button (if they want to record pending parts because they are out of stock) or “Invoice” to make the sale. In this way, the process is done in a few clicks.

These buttons can be configured to sell and buy spare parts, vehicles and equipment.

Favorite Actions save time, decrease errors due to incorrect selection of vouchers, and let dealers customize their processes.