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Extension of the DMS Autologica Quick Alerts Module

Autologica announces the new version of its Quick Alerts module, used to automate communications module with customers, suppliers and dealership employees.

This innovative Autologica DMS module detects events within the system and sends automated emails to specific recipients. This module includes external alerts that provide critical information to customers and suppliers, and internal alerts when critical situations occur that merit the attention of departmental managers.

With this module, dealership managers can receive the necessary information to, for example:

  • Check that invoiced in cash sales have been charged
  • Know which customers or suppliers have a balance that exceeds a certain amount
  • Detect parts without stock, instantly
  • Track the goals of the sales team
  • Audit repair orders that remain open
  • Review payments that are pending authorization

These tasks, if performed manually, consume hours of work of one or more company resources. By using Quick Alerts, dealerships can reinvest that time in more productive tasks.

Quick Alerts includes over automated that cover all departments of the dealership.