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CRM: Where Does Each Opportunity Come From? Analyze This to Boost Sales

This article begins with a main premise: each report generated by the CRM is an opportunity to improve or correct the sales process. A sales manager must use each piece of data to reach conclusions that contribute to redirecting business strategies towards more profitable goals. One of these is “Origin of Opportunities” report.

Why is it important to evaluate the origin of sales opportunities?

This report indicates the channels and campaigns through which sales opportunities reach the dealership, and the amount of each opportunity. For this report to be useful, there must be an origin for each campaign or strategy that you want to analyze.

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Correct report Incorrect report


By correctly configuring this report you can detect:

  • Marketing channels that create the most opportunities
  • The least effective campaigns
  • The habits of the dealership’s typical clients
  • The trend, month by month, of opportunity generation
  • The ROI of each marketing strategy

With this information it is much easier to work on the origin of opportunities, reinforcing the most profitable and reviewing those that do not reach your objectives. This not only allows us to know where to aim when we need to accelerate sales, but also helps us to efficiently manage resources and not make decisions based on sensations.

For example, if we spend a budget of $X on an event and achieve a certain amount of sales, but on the other hand we detect that with a Google Adwords campaign we achieve more visits and sales in our showroom for a smaller budget, it may be a good decision to invest more money in digital strategies since the cost of marketing related to that sale is lower and thus more profitable.

By analyzing all the origins of our sales we can make smarter decisions to increase sales and become more profitable.

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