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Build Value Through the DMS

What is a dealer management system? For successful managers it is a necessary tool to work in an organized and traceable manner that translates into:

  • Following through with all sales opps
  • Tracking and improving profitability, productivity and efficiency
  • Detecting money leaks and fraud situations
  • Knowing everything that happens in the dealership

How does a DMS add value?

# 1 – A customer can mean eternal potential sales

It’s a mistake to think that your relationship with a customer ends when their vehicle’s warranty does. The relationship with a customer has a lifespan that goes from kilometer zero of their vehicle to kilometer zero of the next vehicle they buy.

In its lifespan, a vehicle has a fixed amount of money in services and spare parts that it will consume each year, and systems such as Autologica DMS have “Service Marketing” features to help you take advantage of this. Service Marketing is an automatic notification system that calculates when it’s time to call each customer to offer them the jobs they need.

Why implement Service Marketing strategies? Because it will be easier for you to build loyalty by staying ahead of each customer’s needs. The Service Manager has a report to know what portion of its annual sales potential each customer vehicle has consumed, and thus easily know the sales potential.

# 2 – Only what is measured can be controlled (and improved)

Believing that something works well just by seeing the immediate results is a skewed view of reality.

The workshop, for example, is one of the most complex areas to control, but at the same time focusing on improving workshop management is a golden opportunity that will increase the profitability of the entire dealership.

But to increase workshop revenue is necessary to work more professionally and measure performance, efficiency and profitability.

When you have a tool that allows you to know this information in advance, the Service Manager can strive for a 100% occupancy rate, improve delivery date compliance, and find ways to improve each service.

What is the specific advantage of measuring these indicators? The Service Manager will detect idle hours of each technician and assign tasks that contribute to overall improvement, such as training, workspace reconditioning, etc.

# 3 – Continuous auditing: the key to modern management

It is important to control each key performance indicators for each department to ensure a profitable operation, but it is also vital to control that there are no money leaks or potential fraud situations that threaten the profitability of the dealership.

Modern systems have reports that, implemented within a constant control policy, help you to detect inconsistencies or suspicious movements. A DMS can contribute to auditing each area by registering everything: from sales commissions, through key workshop information, to each cashier’s transactions.

Why implement continuous audits? Because we can’t just focus on selling more, we must also be able to detect situations that make us lose or earn less money.

The Autologica Awake module works 24/ auditing the entire system 24/7 in search of suspicious situations. For example, if it detects that there are RO that have beeb open for a long time, it will notify the Service Manager who can then evaluate what is happening

If you want to know how Autologica DMS can help add value to your business, contact us to set up a live demo.