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Avoiding Worrying About Infrastructure

The Genco Group was founded in 1985 by Armando Genco, initially focusing on the construction industry. In 1991, it secured the representation of BMW and later MINI and BMW MOTORRAD. In 1996, the company was recognized as one of the first official dealerships in the country for the CHRYSLER brand. Today, they are brand leaders in the brand, providing quality service to customers in the region.

Autologica Sky DMS is a highly scalable cloud solution that enhances the security of your data and reduces your infrastructure costs. The Genco Group chose to transition to the cloud version of Autologica to streamline their processes and avoid focusing efforts on maintaining their own servers.

“Previously, we had in-house staff responsible for data storage and servers, but we later outsourced these services but still encountered repetitive problems and delays. When we decided to move to the cloud, the support and follow-up we received from Autologica were top-notch. This provided us with a lot of confidence. The migration itself was a success; we began at opening time and by mid-morning everything was up and running”.

Carlos Tutor | Genco Automobiles S.A.

Autologica’s cloud-based DMS on the one hand provides contract flexibility. At the same time, it offers strict security measures to help prevent threats to dealership data from hackers and ransomware attacks. Sky DMS includes server and database operating system licenses. Security patches and updates are installed automatically.

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“With this change, the system operates much better than before, resulting in time savings for several tasks. Additionally, it provides extra peace of mind because we no longer have to worry or depend on the support of in-house or third-party personnel for infrastructure maintenance.”

Carlos Tutor | Genco Automobiles S.A.

On-premises vs. cloud-based DMS: costs for the dealership

Third-party consultants for updates and maintenanceYesNo
Server room cooling (24/7)YesNo
Dedicated physical space for serversYesNo
Availability (24×7 system access)Less than cloud. Dependent on hardware and technicians.High
Server replacement every 4 to 6 yearsYesNo
Monthly backups (labor cost)YesNo, backups are daily and automatic
DMS updatesRequires a technician to perform the updateUpdates are immediate and transparent
Server energy costYesNo
SecurityUsually poor. Dependent on in-house or third-party experts.High
Windows Server and SQL Server license costYesNo
Dedicated Internet serviceYesNo