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Autologica BI | Who Can Use BI at the Dealership?

There is a common belief that data analysis tools can only be used by analysts or people with a particular background, but this is only half true. Autologica BI, for example, contemplates different roles within the dealership, taking into consideration their objectives, requirements, and training, to show each person the information they need.

Dealer principals, managers, analysts, and operational roles can all use Autologica BI, even if they have different tasks within the business.

What Is Most Important for Each Role and How Can BI Solve It?

Autologica BI offers clear, organized, and precise information to answer the daily questions that each role has regarding dealership business data.

Dealer Principals

  • Total revenue, overall and for each store and department.
  • Variations compared to previous periods.
  • New sales and new customers.
  • Important deviations that require decisions.
  • Fulfillment of the dealership´s organizational objectives.


  • Dealership KPIs.
  • Know in advance if an indicator needs addressing.
  • Fulfillment of the objectives of each department.
  • Sales and profit.


  • Drill-down into each KPI to see its composition.
  • Detect trends and habits.
  • Provide key dealership roles with input to make decisions.
  • Perform predictive analytics.
  • Detect problems.

Operational Roles

  • Use data to generate more sales.
  • Use customer information to leverage the commercial relationship with each customer.
  • Detect customers who must be contacted to resolve situations or perform specific actions.

Autologica BI helps dealers organize their daily information, make better decisions, and sell more by intelligently using the data you already have but are not using.