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Autologica Sky DMS Multi-Currency Features 

Work at your dealership with different currencies, in real-time and automatically, without the need for manual processes or tasks at the end of the month.

Autologica Sky DMS, the dealer management system with a proven ROI for vehicle and equipment dealerships, now includes multi-currency invoicing, accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank and cashier management.

Unlike in other DMS and ERP systems, everything is done in real-time, without the need to run cumbersome end-of-month processes to generate accounting and reports. 

Autologica Sky DMS allows the dealership to invoice, manage accounting, accounts receivable, and accounts payable in two currencies; and handle cashiers and banks in multiple currencies. 



  • They can have bank accounts in multiple currencies, such as local currency, dollars, euros, etc.
  • Maintain the actual balance in the bank’s currency, with the ability to transfer funds between different accounts of different currencies or receive and make transfers from banks in different currencies.
  • Bank statements can be obtained in different currencies, allowing reconciliation with the movements reported by the banks.


  • The balance of different bills can be managed, for example, in local currency, yen, dollars, etc.
  • Receive and issue checks in different currencies, accept credit cards in different currencies, and receive promissory notes in local and foreign currency.
  • Cash reports, checks, credit cards and promissory notes in different currencies simplify cash reconciliations.


  • It is possible to invoice in two currencies (legal tender and conversion currency, e.g., local currency and dollars).
  • Invoicing can be defined by sector. For example, services can be invoiced in local currency and vehicle sales in foreign currency.

Current Accounts

  • Customer currents accounts can be differentiated by “account type,” such as spare parts, services and vehicles. 
  • The dealership can choose how to determine the balance of accounts receivable with each customer: at their value in foreign currency or in the local currency of the invoice. 
  • If the accounts receivable are maintained in foreign currency, exchange rate differences are automatically generated at the time of collection. 
  • Additionally, for a customer who is invoiced and paid in foreign currency, an exception can be made not to charge exchange rate differences when they do not exceed a certain amount. This allows for courtesy during collection.


  • Supplier accounts receivable can be managed in two currencies. 
  • Exchange rate differences can be automatically generated for transactions with suppliers.


  • The conversion from local currency accounting to foreign currency is instantaneous with each generated entry, respecting international accounting standards. 
  • At the end of the month, processes can be run to value monetary items, to record gains or losses due to exchange rate variations. 
  • Accounting can be kept in a stable foreign currency (in addition to the local currency), allowing the dealership to compare amounts between different periods without being affected by inflation. 
  • Parallel accounting in foreign currency can be maintained, allowing all accounting reports to be issued in the local currency or foreign currency. 
  • Foreign currency accounting also feeds Autologica BI.