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Autologica Launches Improvements for Vehicle Importers

December, 14, 2017 – Autologica S.A., a specialist in dealer management systems (DMS) for the automotive industry, announced the launch of a series of new features specially designed for vehicle and parts importers, which allow the tracking of shipments as well as proper costing that considers all costs related to purchase, even after the sale.

These new features also allow importers to monitor their operations and centralize information, making process and costs fully traceable. In addition, importers can track status of each shipment in order to inform arrival dates to customers and resellers.

Main features for importers

Each invoice issued by the manufacturer can be linked to a shipment with the aim of bundling shipments and lowering costs. For each shipment, importers can view key information, such as freight method, related customs agents, arrival costs in local and foreign currency, and estimated date of arrival.

To guarantee a thorough control, an authorization circuit can be established so that if at the time of setting up the shipment the total amount exceeds certain a pre-established amount, another department must approve the shipment (for example, the Finance Department).

In addition, the different departments of the importer can check shipment status, the estimated date of arrival, and also search by customer or by part/unit so as to inform dates to customers and resellers.


Parts received in shipments can be sold, but their cost cannot be calculated until the shipment is closed, in order to take into account the real cost and all the expenses involved in the process. When parts are sold but costing is pending, users can issue and check reports with the detail of these parts that have pending cost.

About Autologica

Autologica is a world leader in providing innovative software to automobile, motorcycle, truck, and agricultural and construction machinery dealers. The company’s flagship product, Autologica Sky DMS, is a cloud-based dealer management system that manages all departments in a dealership. Autologica also provides web tools such as ClientConnect (a mobile app for dealers to share with their customers), Appoint365 (workshop scheduling), and Awake (continuous monitoring and auditing to detect potential fraud events and money leaks), among others.

Hundreds of dealers representing more than 60 brands in over 20 countries use Autologica software.