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Autologica DMS October Update

Here are some of the new features included in the October 2020 release of Autologica DMS.

More controls in payment authorizations

The payment authorization feature in Autologica DMS now includes these steps:

  • Control and accept items
  • Control and accept invoice
  • Control and authorize a set of invoices to be paid
  • Authorization of the payment order

Automatically register the cost of third-party jobs in the RO

When closing a repair order, you can automatically assign the costs of third-party jobs. This information will be taken from the purchase orders or the purchase invoices from third parties, avoiding manual entry. This saves time and prevent human error.

We’ve also added a new control when assigning third-party jobs to a repair order, to verify that the price is made up of the cost of the related purchase order or invoice plus a markup percentage.