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Autologica DMS October Update

We updated our dealer management system, which includes features designed to improve operations at the dealership and respond to industry needs. This are the most important features:

Quick Alerts: Customers with upcoming services

Autologica’s Service Marketing feature automatically creates contacts in the CRM calendar, so that the service department calls all customers that have upcoming services. CRM tasks are automatically created, and the appropriate dealership staff tasked with contacting each customer are alerted by email.

Alerts can automatically be sent to the customer and to multiple recipients in the dealership. For example, a notification can be sent to the service advisor in charge of making the call and to the salesperson that normally manages the client.

Toyota vehicle operations interface

Modifications were made to the file generated for Toyota to report vehicle operations. In addition, a Commercial Policies feature was added to the DMS that allows users to select, in the sales order, the standardized type of operation to be reported to Toyota.

Faster creation of service proposals

A new “copy parts related to jobs” button was added. This new button is especially useful for large repairs that use many parts, but it can be configured for use in any repair size. This speeds up proposal creation by avoiding manual entry, as parts can be added by just pressing the button.